Vision and Mission

Islamic Medical Association of Zimbabwe activities

Our Vision

Preservation of Islamic values and teaching among the Muslim Ummah through health delivery.

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Our Mission

We are committed to alleviating the plight of poor Muslim and Non-Muslims by assisting them to access a basic health delivery services at least cost within the shortest possible time.

Al shifa clinic zimbabwe

Our Core Values

Health delivery to the poor Muslims and non-Muslims.
Cultivation of unity and teamwork with other medical and non-medical personnel.

The founding President Dr Hassan Ashmawy on the official opening of the first Al Shifa clinic in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. January 23, 2007

What is your Vision for IMAZ?

“My dream is to see a highly specialized Al Shifa Hospital that will be the best in Southern African region….” “…nobody can stop us from dreaming but we have to work towards our dreams – not to sleep on them and carry on dreaming. Today the first step of the dream has become a reality!” ………………