In October 2006, Medical Doctors and Pharmacists of Bulawayo came together and established the Islamic Medical Association of Zimbabwe known as IMAZ. The objective of IMAZ is to alleviate the plight and suffering of people who needed medical assistance under the umbrella of Islam.

Community Participation

Through the assistance of the Bulawayo community, IMAZ purchased its first clinic in Bulawayo in 2006 and named it Al Shifa clinic.

ongoing projects

The following projects are run by IMAZ on a charity basis and rely on public support:

1. Al Shifa Clinic:

a. The first IMAZ clinic to be established is in Bulawayo, situated along 15th avenue comer Jason Moyo Street. A Doctor and a nursing Sister run the clinic.

b. The second IMAZ clinic is in the city of Kwekwe, Nelson Mandela way behind the Kwekwe Masjid. A Doctor, Sister and Nurse Aid man the clinic

c. The third clinic to be established in Harare, Cameroon Street.

d. The fourth clinic is under construction and at an advanced stage of completion in Hatcliffe extension, Harare. It is due to function soon. Insha Allah

The Long term plans for IMAZ is to have visibility of IMAZ through the establishment of Al Shifa clinics in all provinces of Zimbabwe namely Mashonaland West, Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland East and Manicaland, Masvingo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South respectively.

It is hoped that all provinces will have at least one Al Shifa Clinic.

Ultimately IMAZ hopes to have a highly specialised clinic in Southern Africa Insha Allah.

2. Operation Circumcision

IMAZ took over this project from the Islamic Information Services (IIS) in January 2007. Dr Sururu worked with IIS on the project on a small scale basis. 

Subsequently, the circumcision project was taken over by IMAZ and was officially conducted at Al Shifa Clinic in Bulawayo until 2010 when IMAZ began to collaborate with the Ministry of Health and child welfare in facilitating male circumcisions.

The project aimed to circumcise large numbers during the first week of the school holidays in Zimbabwe namely April, August and December. 

During that period IMAZ facilitated male circumcisions for both Muslims and non-Muslims through collaboration with the Ministry of Health and child welfare throughout Zimbabwe.

3. Medical Outreach Programmes

IMAZ received a mobile clinic donation from the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA) donated a mobile clinic to IMAZ. That donation opened a window for conducting Medical outreach programmes in Bulawayo, its surroundings including Kwekwe. A medical outreach was also conducted in Hatcliffe extension Harare.

Areas covered in Bulawayo included Mpopoma Masjid, Lobengula Masjid as well as the Bulawayo Islamic Society Masjid. Surrounding places included Turk mine, Gwanda, and How mine.

The Association hopes to cover more ground upon the availability of Drugs.

4. Cataract Eye Camp

IMAZ Individual effort

Initially, cataract eye camps were planned to be conducted three times per year on a small scale basis of a maximum of 20 at a time with a total of 60 beneficiaries are targeted to benefit each year. These were done at Richard Morris Hospital in Bulawayo in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child welfare.

International participation

FIMA Save Vision, as well as Al Basar international, collaborated with IMAZ in conducting cataract eye camps in Harare and Bulawayo respectively. Collaborating partners were the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and Council for the Blind, which owns the equipment and a wing of the eye clinic in Bulawayo.

physical address

Corner 15th Avenue & Jason Moyo Street, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe +263 712 400 922 |

postal address

P.O. Box FM 334, Famona, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe +263 292 72654 | +263 773 386 551