Donation Appeal

    The Islamic Medical Association of Zimbabwe has numerous capital-intensive programmes that it is currently running or intends to carry out.

    Your Zakaat or Sadaqa will assist in programmes that  include:

    1. Circumcision operations
    2. Free Medical Outreach programmes to poor Muslims and Non-Muslims.
    3. Iftaar programmes during the month of Ramadhaan .
    4. Humanitarian Disaster assistance, for example, the recent Cyclone Idai, which devastated the eastern parts of the country.
    5. Free Cataract and Eye Health clinics.
    6. Payment of full-time staff as well as maintenance and rentals for buildings we operate from.

    We therefore would like to appeal to those with the means to donate generously towards any of the above.

    If you would like to assist, please fill in the contact form and we can make arrangements on how your donation can reach us.