Doctor Naseerudien Ebrahim Ismail

Assalamu alaikom brothers and Sisters

Our current IMAZ chairperson is Doctor Naseerudien Ebrahim Ismail. He was born in April 25 1960 in the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare and is married with three children.

Dr Naseer attended Louis Mountbatten Primary school and Morgan High School in Harare, and he finally graduated at the University of Cairo with a Bachelor’s degree of Dental Surgery in May 1987.

He worked as a dental officer in Harare central hospital from 1989 to 1990 in addition, he gained professional, management and teaching experience roles in the government institution. Dr. Naseer left Government in 1991 and joined a group private practice in Harare. He left for private practice in 2008, and has since taken over the dental practice.

Currently, Dr Naseer is a senior partner in a private group practice in Harare, Zimbabwe and actively involved in community work at an institution for the mentally impaired. He does both chair side cases and theatre as charity work.

He is also the currently appointed dentist to the Pakistani, Malaysian and Indonesian High Commission personnel, as well as all Anglo-American employees in the Zimbabwe as well as visiting cricket teams to Zimbabwe.

Dr Naseer is an affiliate of Zimbabwe Dental association, Health Professions Authority Zimbabwe, Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe and Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe.

As he is the current chairperson of IMAZ, Dr Naseer becomes an affiliate to Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) a worldwide body for Muslim medical professionals.

Dr Nasser’s philanthropic work started early in his life and gradually grew. In his medical practice, he has volunteered to assist the mentally impaired. He is actively involved in organising and participating in outreach camps for the less privileged in the society.