Al Shifa Clinic – The First Muslim Clinic in Bulawayo is Opened

Al Shifa Clinic – The First Muslim Clinic in Bulawayo is Opened

The official opening ceremony of the first Medical Association in Zimbabwe was done at Al Shifa Clinic, 15th Avenue, Corner Jason Moyo, in Bulawayo.

Yaasin was read loudly by the community, people were emotional and in tears. The atmosphere felt like angels had joined in the transaction.
b. Dr. Sururu (Director of clinics) and Dr. Ashmawy (President) addressed people on this occasion.
c. With these words of Dr. Ashmawy (President), the official opening was made

“In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most beneficent, I declare Al Shifa Clinic officially open. The first project of the Islamic Medical Association of Zimbabwe. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar” which was followed by takbir by the community.

President Dr. Ashmawy proposed in his speech that there were three phases of the project as detailed below.

“My dream is to see a highly specialised Al Shifa hospital that will be the best in the Southern African region.” …
“Nobody can stop us from dreaming but we have to work towards our dreams, not to sleep and carry on the dream. Today the first step of the dream has become a reality!” …


Operation circumcision was originally an Islamic Information Services (I.I.S) project before the formation of IMAZ. IIS used to source relevant drugs and ask Dr. Sururu to carry out circumcisions. There was a Dawah aspect involved in the process. Through their policy of synergy, IIS handed over the project to IMAZ.

IIS had by then sponsored circumcision of over 600 beneficiaries.

IMAZ conducted 200 circumcisions in two major outreaches and some other sporadic cases all conducted in Bulawayo. This includes 15 persons who travelled all the way from Harare and its surroundings.

IMAZ saw 6514 patients for the whole year.

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